Website Insidr

Get your information from an insidr. We are a local knowledge hub that helps migrants settle into the Brainport region. We provide customized info about the Dutch education system. 

Our goal is to make the Brainport region a suitable place for everyone. We do this by improving the integration processes for internationals living in the Brainport region. We connect education, governments, businesses, residents, and internationals in one (digital) place by sharing information and making it accessible to everyone.

Insidr starts by setting up a platform for internationals about education in the Brainport region. Hopefully, we can later expand this to housing, healthcare, and formalities. With “inside knowledge” we can help internationals get started and provide them with enough information that leads to specific tools and partners who can help them effectively.

Contacting Insidr

Insidr is a digital service developed by Brainport Development. In the future we aim to have physical locations where internationals can visit.

Insidr – Knowledge Hub for Internationals